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Catalogue Project Solana Ulcinj

Download the complete catalogue of the Project Solana Ulcinj, the Montenegrin contribution to the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, edited by Bart Lootsma, Dijana Vučinić and Katharina Weinberger, with essays by Branimir Gvozdenović, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Government of Montenegro, Dijana Vučinić, Andrej Nikolaidis, Bart Lootsma, Katharina Weinberger, LAAC, Marko Stjepčević & Nemanja Milićević, […]


Montenegrin Pavilion in Venice 2016 / Bart Lootsma & Katharina Weinberger

The Project Solana Ulcinj, curated by Bart Lootsma and Katharina Weinberger, will be the Montenegrin contribution to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The Montenegrin pavilion will host four projects outlining four different sustainable futures for the former saline “Bajo Sekulic” near Montenegro’s most southern town Ulcinj. The projects will be developed […]


Symposium Innovation in Tradition

The focus of the convention “Innovation in Tradition” will be placed on the complex topic of social reformatting, exceeding the central question of the effect of technological innovations and their influence on architecture, space conception, building typology, domestic engineering, urban design, etc. One aspect to be addressed should be the emergence of our idea of […]


Domus Guide — Europe’s top 100 Schools of Architecture & Design

For the third time the Faculty of Architecture Innsbruck, was selected as one of EUROPES’S 50 BEST SCHOOLS OF ARCHITECTURE, by DOMUS Magazine. The guide gives a selection of Europe’s best schools of Design and Architecture. The criteria that were used mainly focus on aspects like networking & international relations, the reputation of the institution in the […]


Interview with Bart Lootsma on Malaysian BFM radio

On the occasion of his lecture in the PAM lecture series Situations and Scenarios, Bart Lootsma gave an extensive interview on the Malaysian BFM radio. You can hear the interview by clicking one of the two links. Interview Bart Lootsma BFM


Innsbruck in Domus Top 100 2016

For the fourth time in a row, the architectural faculty of the University of Innsbruck has been chosen in Europe’s Top 100 Schools of Architecture and Design, which means it is among the 50 best architectural schools in Europe. “This selection has grown to become a respected resource highlighting educational excellencies in the architectural and […]

20151006_ShortCuts_2015_04_OTTO_by_Jürg Lehni

Catalog B / Method and process of the Architectural discourses

We are negotiating with the penetration of technology in every single moment of each day through “interface”.In this seminar interface will be considered as an evidence of how ‘calculation’ extends beyond the sphere of production. Bernard Stiegler defines this penetration of calculation as one of characteristics of the hyper-industrial age, in which we live today. […]


Symposium / Italian Collage — Architectural Drawings in the Age of Social Media / Kunstraum Innsbruck

Several Italian architects have recently taken up the technique of collage again to present their ideas about architecture. The best-known examples are Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Garofalo and Beniamino Servino. Collage has been one of the favourite techniques in Italian architecture since the nineteen sixties. It enabled radical architects like Superstudio, Archizoom and others to give […]

Lonely Machine Solana Ulcinj 20160118 Web Quality

Project Solana Ulcinj – Public Symposium: THE BRIEF

The Project Solana Ulcinj, commissioned by Dijana Vucinic of the Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable development and Tourism and curated by Bart Lootsma and Katharina Weinberger, will be the Montenegrin contribution to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The Montenegrin pavilion will host four projects outlining four different sustainable futures for the former […]


Bart Lootsma’s articles distinguished in 2015

Two recent articles by Bart Lootsma on Innsbruck and Tyrol have been selected among the best publications on architecture in 2015. „Bart Lootsma on Innsbruck, City Branding and “Geographical Urbanism”“, an interview with Bernd Upmeyer originally published by MONU Magazine, was selected among the 15 best articles of 2015 by leading architecture web magazine ArchDaily […]


Entwerfen E4—M1 / Electrification takes command

Studio work this year will think through the architectural and urban implications of phenomena like pervasive computing, robotics and the Internet of things. We will investigate both the implcations for architectural and urban organization as well as aestehetics. We will, in other words, develop modes of operative criticism to set an agenda for future design […]


Public Screening + Panel Discussion / The Competition / Angel Borrego Cubero / Faculty of Architecture

Madrid-based architect Angel Borrego Cubero of Office for Strategic Spaces (OSS) has directed and produced the first documentary focused on the tense process that often characterizes an architectural competition. Appropriately titled The Competition, the film captures a fascinating account on how five world renowned architects – Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster – […]